INT’s collaborative Cybersecurity methodology empowers our highly credentialed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to operate with full trust, respect and cooperation with our clients. Our adaptable and innovative Information Technology (IT) Cybersecurity Services optimally address the ever-changing needs of information security and regulatory compliance. INT Cybersecurity SMEs proactively address risk from an enterprise, component, (mission/business process) and system level to enable smarter decision making, more cost-effective IT security operations.

Our Cybersecurity Services delivered ensure a “Build-it-in” vs “Bolt-it-on” Cybersecurity Strategy to enhance informed decision making, improve continuous monitoring, and enforce security engineering policies and standards and improve timely correction of deficiencies, vulnerabilities, and incidents.

INT Cybersecurity Services and SMEs manage IT risk and compliance on-premises, in cloud-based, and hybrid computing environments. Our team works to manage risk on a daily basis through continuous assessment and ongoing authorization in accordance with the leading government and commercial standards.

Our Cybersecurity Services

Security Risk Management

INT strives to have multilayered controls in place to support the mission of the organization. Our decisions are based on the risk tolerance of an organization and cost and benefit to ensure security and business requirements are met.

Asset Security

INT implements concepts, structures, principles, and standards aimed at monitoring and securing assets. Controls can be enforced based on various levels of confidentiality, integrity, availability, & nonrepudiation.

Security Engineering

INT handles the integrity and security of real world systems through security engineering, enforcingsecurity policies, procedures, guidelines, and standards.

Network Security

INT’s expertise in secure communication and authentication protocols across networks allows us to establish stable, secure, and trustworthy communication channels for our clients.

Identity & Access Management

INT offers managing and implementation of access control mechanisms to provide secure and auditable access to mission-critical systems and applications.

Security Assessment & Testing

INT’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will analyze relevant security standards and regulatory compliance to assure sufficient controls are in place to mitigate risk and continually monitor their effectiveness.

Security Operations

INT focuses on detecting and protecting sensitive and business critical information and information systems. Our experts will ensure normal daily operations support confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Software Development Security

INT’s in-depth understanding of the secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) allows us to assure security is addressed at every stage of application and/or systems development.


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