What We Do

Innovative Networking Technology (INT)  was founded to establish a company capable of tapping today's technology resources and apply them in creative and effective ways as our clients’ needs require.

Our core business is ensuring the highest degree of integrity and security of our clients networks with attention to inventive solutions. We are expert networking engineers and have established a solid reputation for expert, cost-effective solutions to our customer requiring the highest degree of professionalism.  

Products and Services

  1. Managed IT Services
  2. IT Security Consulting
  3. Interagency Program Management Support
  4. Customer Relationship Management
  5. Agile Project Management
  6. Disaster Recovery
  7. Audits and Risks Management
  8. Software Support & Training
  9. Network Design and Infrastructure
  10. Application Development
  11. Interface Development
  12. Systems Integration
  13. Remote Computing Solutions
  14. Cloud Strategy Consulting
  15. Records Management & Integration