Cloud/Mobile Strategy Development

Cloud Optimization Strategy

INT provides Cloud Services professional consulting and strategy development across public, private and/or hybrid options to help our clients choose the appropriate cloud environment. We work in tandem with the business stakeholders needs to determine cloud readiness, identify applications and workloads for migration, and mitigate transitional risk. INT identifies and promotes industry-specific product and attribute standards, manages and leverages the hybrid combination of on-premises/off-premises environments. Our team of Cloud Computing experts align cloud architectures and IT requirements to meet business needs and incorporate business process reengineering (BPR) to reduce business process gaps and increases functionality integration.


Mitigate open-source risk. Integrate new technologies with legacy IT. Optimize your funding models for maximum ROI. Our cloud specialists can help engineer your cloud to meet requirements, expand margins and maximize productivity.


Using industry-proven strategies, we help you efficiently integrate traditional IT, cloud infrastructure and cloud software. Together they form a seamless hybrid environment that scales with your business needs.


We'll help you optimize to become an efficient broker of cloud services. Our team supports economies of scale through sound governance over time, across the enterprise.

Mobile Optimization Strategy

INT develops state-of-the-art mobile networking solutions for healthcare and business professionals to stay more connected. Working directly with software and equipment manufacturers, INT has developed a set of integration tools to allow direct monitoring of physical monitoring equipment in healthcare facilities including remote file-sharing and a full suite of applications geared towards business professionals. The combination allows healthcare professionals and businesses to have a virtual office with them at all times, regardless of location. Staying connected is vital for all professionals keeping them in touch when it matters. 


Whether you’re looking for current or future enhancements, we’ll build a roadmap for your business to harness the savings, efficiency and flexibility that mobility and the digital workplace have to offer.


From going completely wireless to stabilizing mobile environments for in-store experiences, our experts deliver the digital environment that is right for your enterprise.


We can manage your mobile environment in a hybrid world, providing industry-leading service levels, effective risk management, and work-anywhere productivity.

Let our consultants help you implement, operate, and support your enterprise in any environment!

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