INT’s collaborative CyberSecurity methodology empowers our highly credentialed Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to operate with full trust, respect, and cooperation with our clients. With over two decades of experience, INT has developed an adaptable and innovative approach to Information Technology (IT) CyberSecurity Services that optimally address the ever-changing needs of information security and regulatory compliance. Our CyberSecurity SMEs proactively assess risk from multiple levels, including enterprise, component, and system, enabling smarter decision-making and more cost-effective IT security operations.

Our CyberSecurity Services delivered ensure a “Build-it-in” vs “Bolt-it-on” CyberSecurity Strategy, integrating security engineering policies and standards from the outset. This approach enhances informed decision-making, improves continuous monitoring, and enforces timely correction of deficiencies, vulnerabilities, and incidents, thereby fortifying our clients' cyber defenses against evolving threats.

INT CyberSecurity Services and SMEs adeptly manage IT risk and compliance across diverse environments, encompassing on-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid computing. Through continuous assessment and ongoing authorization, we uphold the highest government and commercial standards, ensuring robust risk management and compliance practices.

Our CyberSecurity Services encompass several key areas:

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF): Our Risk Management support services aim to safeguard our clients' mission and business by combining industry expertise with a thorough understanding of their business processes and functions. We assess risk profiles, identify business needs, review existing security policies, and develop technical recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Technical Risk, Analysis, Mitigation & Management: INT’s team of experts assists organizations in regulatory compliance risk management and program integrity advisory services. We assess and evaluate compliance high-risk areas, providing tailored strategies to mitigate technical risks and enhance overall security posture.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning: Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) specialists provide comprehensive support, conducting Business Impact Analyses, mapping interdependencies among business processes and information systems, and reviewing existing policies to ensure adequacy. We ensure that our clients' critical business processes and systems remain available during unforeseen disruptions.
  • Audit Management: INT offers DISA Compliance auditing services, validating DISA STIG compliance checks across various systems. By ensuring adherence to government security standards, we help our clients maintain robust cybersecurity postures and regulatory compliance.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Our services focus on ongoing security assessments to ensure the effectiveness of security controls, identify emerging threats, and offer expert mitigation strategies. Through continuous monitoring, we enable timely risk management decisions, minimize the impact of security vulnerabilities, and implement strategic measures to prevent future breaches.

Let our experienced consultants guide you in implementing, operating, and supporting your enterprise's cybersecurity initiatives across all environments. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive CyberSecurity Services and how we can support your organization's mission and objectives.