Systems Engineering & Architecture Services

INT's depth of knowledge creates opportunities for our clients to achieve their goals and accomplish their objectives on time and within budget. 

INT's innovative solutions will adhere to the most stringent objectives by providing high quality, time efficient and cost savings in a secure manner. INT's hardware, software, and network systems engineering processes provide an approach to create, enhance and assure system solutions and products that satisfy customer expectations are held to an exceptionally high standard. Our senior systems engineering and architecture Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have extensive experience in all facets of systems engineering, enterprise architecture and IT strategy development services spanning the complete IT lifecycle. INT is committed to structured lifecycle systems processes, including those utilized by Six Sigma, and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

We work to make technology simpler and manageable. Instead of having to work with multiple vendors to fulfill your needs, you can rely on INT to work with vendors on your behalf, to evaluate, acquire, deploy and support the different aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our recommendations will be well-informed, trustworthy and unbiased. 


Balance opportunity, risk and continuity against increasingly complex network infrastructures and security controls. We develop the policies, architectures and solutions necessary to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and systems. By taking a holistic view of security and continuity, and building on your existing investments, we help you make security a business enabler.


We help identify and mitigate your ecosystem transformation risk. We also analyse evolving compliance landscapes to ensure the right security and privacy controls are in place. From user access and permissions, to data protection, to backup and continuity requirements.


Our services strengthen your security posture and free up scarce resources to work on the next big thing; gathering global intelligence to help you proactively mitigate and manage incidents, extending your security capabilities 24x7.