At INT it is about “doing what’s right and doing things right the first time.” The culture of INT is based upon teamwork and behaviors central to who we are: respecting differences, honoring our commitments, listening to the customer, and putting their needs first. INT provides small-business responsiveness with big-business resources. INT is a financially sustainable and responsible firm that hires talented individuals and supports their growth through continual training and education to enable us to provide results-driven IT solutions for our clients in the following areas:

Our Organizational Transformation Service provides assistance in developing strategy, goals, and objectives, in ensuring that the organization’s resources and functional design align with the strategy, and in mentoring and coaching managers. Our Organizational Transformation consultants have “been there and done that” as successful corporate officers in private and not-for-profit organizations.

Our Organizational Performance Service helps clients perform better by working with them to implement their strategy and improve processes. By establishing a partnership with our clients and working to improve their organization’s workforce environment, management can demonstrate its commitment to effect positive change. Our tailored project and performance plans, administrative system analysis and

Our Nonprofits Service provides effective management strategies and techniques from government and private sectors, but specially tailored for the nonprofit arena. Our consultants are experienced as managers and as board members in institutions of higher education and healthcare associations bringing to the table an extended knowledge